What instruments do you play?

A string quartet consists of two violins, viola and cello.  Our string trio has violin, viola (or violin) and cello and our duo, Violin & Cello

How much space do you require?

Ideally the quartet would have approximately 2m x 3m although we will happily squeeze into slightly smaller spaces for short time periods such as for a ceremony.  The trio requires one less person and the duo two less, so both of these are good options for smaller spaces.  We simply ask for four chairs without arms, positioned where you would like us to play.

Can you play special requests ?

We will always do our best to find any music you would like us to play.  There are many pieces already available but if necessary we can ask our arrangers to prepare a piece of music for you.  This generally costs £30 if arranging specially.

Can you play hymns ?

We often play hymns for church services and in general do not charge extra for this.   We would ask you to discuss the number of verses required with us in advance.

Can you play outside ?

In summer months we will happily play outside, but would request some shade on sunny days as our instruments are easily damaged by direct sun.  At many venues this is easily available, perhaps under the shade of a large tree or part of the building.  We cannot play outside in wet conditions of any degree and very windy days can also sometimes prove problematic!

Can you move between venues ?

We often play for a church or registry office ceremony and then move to a reception venue.  This would need to be included in the total time booked, but will not usually incur any extra travel costs.

We can also move within venues if your ceremony and reception are in different areas.  We would ask you to allow us 10 -15 minutes to move depending on how far we need to go!

What refreshments will you need ?

Generally we would just ask for some soft drinks whilst we play.  Anything else is of course very welcome, but not required.  For bookings of four hours or more we would request a light meal (eg. sandwiches ) which would be best made available during one of our breaks.

How many breaks will you take ?

As a general rule we will take 10 minutes break for each hour after the first hour.  We will always be sensitive to the timings of the day and this may coincide with speeches or moving for example.

Can we record and video you ?

Generally this is not allowed.  We do however appreciate that many wedding ceremonies are videoed and we do allow this to take place.  For any recordings/videos to be taken outside of the ceremony, we would request permission is acquired.

Will you charge more for travel ?

For bookings close to our base in Exeter we do not charge travel, but for travel further afield we may charge.   This will be made clear in any quotes to you.

What will you wear ?

We wear elegant black outfits, often with coloured scarves or a splash of colour.  The gentlemen wear black evening shirts and trousers or can wear DJs. If you would like more colourful dress, do discuss with us.

What happens if one of your musicians is unwell?

We have all played locally for many years and as such have many experienced colleagues who we regularly perform with.  In the unlikely event of a player being unwell, we will ask one of our regular deputy players to join us.  We will also occasionally use our regular deputies for dates where one of our players is already engaged to play elsewhere.

How do I make a booking ?

Please contact us in the first instance to confirm our availability and obtain a quote.  To secure a date we will send you a contract which we ask to be signed and returned to us along with a 20% deposit.  The remaining balance is then due a week before the date.

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